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Hospital Curtain | Disposable Curtain


Curtex has created a wide range of products suitable to the needs and wants of different industries. These products have been developed keeping in mind the current trends and also catering to the future needs of the industry. 

Disposable Cubicle Curtain | Antimicrobial Disposable Curtain
Disposable Curtain Advantage in Hospital
Flame Resistant Disposable Curtain
Antimicrobial Disposable Curtain


 The Eco friendly & Economical Curtain

Made of polypropylene, the EcoCurt curtain inherits the material property and thus is lightweight in nature. This makes the handling easier and thereby increasing the efficiency of the user. Simultaneously, the fabric can be reprocessed and recycled hence making it a sustainable choice. 

These privacy curtains come with Fire resistant and odour repellent technology making it a good fit for clean environments. EcoCurt blinds are designed with everlasting pleats resulting in a super space saving solution and thereby providing convenience in all environments.

Range For Healthcare



 The Durable & Long Lasting Curtain

Made out of polyester, the curtain provides a reliable life for the user and is reusable even in varied conditions. These screens are effective even in wet environments and can be used as shower curtains or hospital curtains. The imminent material provides the wipe and clean property to the fabric and thereby making it stain resistant. The curtain comes with a fire resistant, odour repellent technology making it a safe and technologically advanced curtain solution for today’s hygienic needs.

Range For Healthcare

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Antimicrobial Hospital Cubicle Curtain
Flame Retardant Hospital Cubicle Curtain
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Flame Retardant Pleated Railway Coach Curtains
Pleated Railway Coach Curtains
Flame Retardant Pleated Railway Coach Curtains


Where Strength Meets Longevity

DuraCurt+ as the name suggests is the advanced version of the duracurt. It is made of inherently stronger yarn thereby making it robust in nature. The curtains in this range demonstrate the anti-static property of the material making it dust repellent and low maintenance. The pleated design of the curtain makes the  curtain light-diffusing in nature and thus making this ideal as a window curtain or door curtain. 

This curtain range also comes with fire resistant, odour repellent technology making it a safe and technologically advanced curtain solution.

Range For Automotive & Avaition



Perfect Blend Of Durability & Aesthetics

EliteCurt as the name suggests is the premium range of curtains. Superior in design and technologically advanced makes the elite curt the perfect blend of strength meeting aesthetics. The curtains inherit the raw quality of the yarn and thereby are visually appealing and simultaneously provide sound absorbing properties. The pleated design in this curtain also ensures light diffusing property and thereby the whole package ensures cosy interiors for the users. This makes the pleated curtain ideal for providing an aesthetic interior and to be used as window curtain or door curtains. These blinds also come with a fire resistant, odour repellent technology making it a safe and technologically advanced curtain solution.

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Premium Hotel Curtains
Pleated Curtains
Antimicrobial Curtain Fabrics

Premium Range For Residential & Hospitality

Flame Resistant Coach Curtains
Coach Curtains Application


Adding The Shine To The Interiors

GlossCurt curtains are best fit to glam up the interior space.The beautiful fall and the shiny finish of the material enhances the interior look and feel of the interior space enclosed. These blinds are an ideal complement to the interiors. These curtains also come with a fire retardant solution to provide safety to all individuals. 

Economical Range For Residential & Hospitality



Creating Irresistible Interior Experience

Curtex - the curtain factory , is here to provide complete curtain solutions and thus provides innovative solutions in helping you with apt accessories that would be needed for fitting the curtain. We inhouse manufacture the accessories making sure the quality of each fitment is premium and that the working of the curtain is seamless and smooth.

Hospital Curtain Roller
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