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Perfect Blend Of Durability & Aesthetics

Providing a good aesthetic in a clean environment is one of the prominent requirements for the hospitality industry. Ensuring comfort and relaxation ensures a better outcome for the hospitality industry. 

Curtex has a range of curtains and blinds for hotels and restaurants that ensures enhanced aesthetics while also ensuring a low-maintenance environment

EliteCurt   |   StrengthCurt   |   Pleated


The Finest Curtain

EliteCurt which is a premium design curtain that provides blackout to the room with an aesthetic design. These hotel curtains provide a premium finish to any interior and thereby ensure customer satisfaction.

Abstract Champagne view 1.jpg

Adding The Shine To The Interiors

 GlossCurt are curtains in satin finish and acts as highlighter curtains by providing a silky feel to the interiors.This helps create an accentuated element in the entire interior scheme.


Pleated Curtain

Perma Crease Advantage

Curtex also has premium offerings off permanent creased curtains. These creased curtains provide a smart and minimalistic look to the interiors while also improving the functionality of the curtains. These can be provided in a variety of fabrics and will enhance the feel of the interiors.

Pleated Curtain Advantage
Bus and Coach Curtain Pleated
Premium Design Curtain
Light Blocking Curtain
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