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Aeroplane Curtain | Aviation Curtain | Flame Retardant Curtains
Premium Pleated Curtains


The aviation segment requires premium but light-weight aircraft curtains that enhance the aesthetic and also perform sound-absorbing functions. This can be ensured by Curtex’s wide range of solutions for curtains and blinds.

 The Finest Curtain

Curtex’s range of EliteCurt provides a premium range of curtains with a wide variety of designs. Beyond the minimum, the blackout-curtains also act as a sound absorber thereby catering to the functional needs of curtains in aeroplanes.


Going further, it also comes in a pleated form, thereby when drawn open, it becomes compact and does not hinder passenger movement. This is also available with additional properties including the curtains being fire retardant.

Airport Curtains

Apart from the aircraft curtains, the aviation industry has a prominent use of curtains at the airports. This requires a fast-changing curtain and cost-efficient with complete blackouts. Curtex provides the same by its various ranges including EcoCurt and StrengthCurt which are easy to install and require no to very low maintenance based on the variety and environment.

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