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Alex Young

Alex Young


Ensuring the well-being of the patients is one of the primary objectives of the healthcare industry. This requires the staff to be focused on the needs of the patient and not to employ their time on the hospital furnishings. Considering the same, Curtex has made a range of hospital curtains that are long-lasting and maintenance free.

Strength  +  Aesthetics

The cubicle curtains are easy to install and provide an effective solution for securing the safety of all individuals in the hospital / nursing centre / day care centres. While ensuring the safety of the patients and all the frontline staff, these privacy curtains also provide the enhanced aesthetic of the hospital and makes the patient feel comfortable in the surroundings.

Disposable Hospital Curtain | Antimicrobial Flame Retardant Curtain


Curtex provides a range of cubicle curtains for you to choose from including the EcoCurt which is a disposable variety of curtain. While being disposable, it still lasts for upto 2 years depending upon the environment with its anti-microbial protection. Beyond this, the disposable curtain is eco-friendly and economical as it is recyclable while being cost-effective.


When Strength Meets Longevity

We also have the reusable range of curtains that is DuraCurt and StrengthCurt. These are robust in nature and provide an easy to wipe feature thereby making it efficient to maintain the curtains. 

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